Digital solution to distribute, consult and archive your PDF documents

Whether you are a company, a publisher or an institution, whether you distribute catalogs, magazines or notices, communication is often done with documents in PDF format.

We offer a simple, lightweight solution that allows you to find documents in one click thanks to our complete indexing.

This responsive solution works on a web browser whether you are on desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Search all documents

Indexing of PDF documents

The only product in this price range to offer this feature, which allows a word or phrase to be found in all documents simultaneously.

Autonomous content management

Simple and easy to access

An intuitive administration interface that gives you complete control over your publications.

No installation

Turnkey solution

Our solution is hosted by a professional company on powerful and flexible servers. You can also host an instance of the system on your servers, in your secure environment.

100% Swiss Made

Everything is done here

Design, development, support and hosting in Switzerland.

Choose your plan

Choose your plan




Number of publications
Max volume of a publication
250MB (* more on demand)
Search in all documents
Dynamic TOC
Add links in documents
Page sharing
Download document or pages
Access via WS API
Progressive web app for tablets and smartphones
Usage statistics
User management
Categories with user access rights
Multi administrators
Content managers
Access log
API for adding documents
on demand
on demand
on demand
iOS and Android Applications
on demand
on demand
on demand
* 2 months free

99 Fr. /month

990 Fr. /year

109 Fr. /month

1'090 Fr. /year

119 Fr. /month

1'190 Fr. /year

129 Fr. /month

1'290 Fr. /year

139 Fr. /month

1'390 Fr. /year

149 Fr. /month

1'490 Fr. /year

159 Fr. /month

1'590 Fr. /year

169 Fr. /month

1'690 Fr. /year

179 Fr. /month

1'790 Fr. /year

199 Fr. /month

1'990 Fr. /year

214 Fr. /month

2'140 Fr. /year

229 Fr. /month

2'290 Fr. /year

244 Fr. /month

2'440 Fr. /year

259 Fr. /month

2'590 Fr. /year

274 Fr. /month

2'740 Fr. /year

289 Fr. /month

2'890 Fr. /year

304 Fr. /month

3'040 Fr. /year

399 Fr. /month

3'990 Fr. /year

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